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   Alex Manea (b.1988, Romania) is a visual artist living and creating in Bucharest, Romania. 


   His conceptual art practice is committed to confronting powerful socio-political and cultural subjects and presenting them in aesthetically intriguing and compelling forms. Each work is intended to push the viewer to react and reflect on their position in relation to the aesthetic piece and in relation to the world. 


   He composes works that showcase an intricate attention to detail, an impressive balance of classical and modern elements, and layers of different techniques and ideas that cause the viewer to interpret the painting in a new way each time they see it. Manea is focused on pushing the limits of creativity through his artistic explorations of nature, psychology, spirituality, and dreams.


   Resonating with the traces of memory imbued in found materials, Manea enjoys working with objects in the spirit of arte povera, and combing these unique materials with a minimalist aesthetic, and conceptual objective.  Manea prioritizes conceptual content over formal concerns and thus harnesses his technical strategies and methods in service to the idea.  While his practice is idea-driven his resulting body of work is a seamless melding of form and function.  His work is as challenging as it is sublime.


   Alex Manea is working and experimenting on different media: painting, drawing, sculpture, installations, found objects, photography, sound and video art.


   We now live in undefined times, with no identity, in which all visual artists or artists of any kind have the essential duty of creating work with strong social messages, of real interest, that could entice the receptor towards action (verbal,mental,factual,subconscious, or any other kind of action).


                                                                                      ART - ACT


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